A Hell of a Deal

Each location in the Passport is offering a 2-for-1 special for your imbibing pleasure. Share your complimentary drink with a friend or enjoy both yourself! Flying solo? Feel free to get one drink at ½ off.

Upon arrival

Peruse your Passport and locate the special available. Some offerings are straightforward, while others will require further investigation (note: several venues offer special menus and/or off-menu items for Passport holders). When greeted by your server or bartender, kindly ask for the select beverage, with your ID ready to flash.

Proof of Travel

After your beverages arrive, present your Passport for a stamp. Each venue special may be redeemed only once, but lucky for you, plenty more destinations await.

The Courteous Traveler

Don’t burn your bartender. Please keep in mind that while you’re enjoying two beverages for the price of one, the service team still spent time making and presenting both. Please tip accordingly.

A True Explorer

Live a little. While you’re in the mood to try new things, explore the entire menu and consider ordering a thing or two.


Can I share my Passport with a friend?
Yes, absolutely. You may enjoy both beverages or share with a friend.

May I get one drink for half price if I don’t want to get two drinks for the price of one?

How many times can I redeem my 2-for-1 offer?
Once per location.

What happens if I lose my Winter Warmer? 
What happens if my dog eats my Winter Warmer or I accidentally put it through the wash? Treat your Winter Warmer like cash as we cannot guarantee replacement. Also consider feeding your dog and/or purchasing a Winter Warmer leather protective sleeve.

Can I return my Passports?
Please see more details here.

The Winter Warmer is sold out. Will you release more?
No. We use a secret, scientific calculation to determine how many Passports to print based on the number of featured venues. Once that number of Passports are sold, we do not add more!

When will I receive my Winter Warmer?

Orders placed before November 28th will ship on or by November 28th. Orders placed on or after November 28th will ship within 2 business days.