2018 Boulder Winter Passport

Welcome and thank you for signing on to be a part of the Passport Program! We’re thrilled to have you. Please take a careful moment to fill out this form, as some of the info (venue name, address, etc) will be printed ON your page in the Passport.

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Venue Address
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Venue Phone
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Vapor Distillery is our preferred spirit partner for the Boulder Winter Passport! Would you like to use Vapor Products in your 2-for-1 offer? *
If you choose to use a Vapor Distillery product in your 2-for-1 offer, you may be eligible for additional marketing, preferred pricing, additional social media exposure, promotional collateral to promote your cocktails, or a pop up event at your spot.
Remember, this special should complement your bar program, not complicate it. Show off what you do but don't make it too crazy since you'll be making a lot of these throughout the winter. If you are unsure what to offer, we'd be happy to work with you and provide suggestions. If you selected yes or maybe on the above question, submit filler text here while we work with you to determine your offering! If you are a veteran participant, please offer something different than your previous offers.
Would you like to accept the Passport on New Year's Eve? *
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Bar Manager Name
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Marketing Manager Name
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Do you agree to provide marketing and logistical support, including but not limited to the following? *
• Proof read and confirm venue details for design, printing, and web • Train staff on the Passport Program • Accept Passports during operating hours (no black out dates or times) • Social media support (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts about the Passport Program and your involvement)
Do you agree to provide a $25 gift card so that we may promote you on our social media and/or use to support you on premise or with our giveaways? *
We will pick up this gift card when we come by to deliver stamps, ink pads, and complimentary Passports
Examples include: We are really proud of our new seasonal dinner menu or we will now be offering bingo every Wednesday.
We'd like to have this information handy. We often get asked for recommendations and want to be more knowledgeable about your capabilities!
Please include the slashes. Example: / Jess Doe /