How it Works


The Passport Program features pocket-sized field guides that are the same size as a real government issued passport. Each page contains a 2-for-1 craft beverage special and will be stamped by the bartender or server upon redemption.


While the drinks are 2-for-1, the bartender and wait staff are working just as hard as normal. Be polite and tip accordingly!


Do I need my Passport with me to get the special?

Yes. Because this program is analog (stamps and books vs an app or digital member list), you'll need your book to prove you're valid!


How many times can I use it?

Once per venue.


Can I share my Passport with a friend?



Can I get something other than what’s listed on the page?

That’s up to the establishment. Sometimes they're trying to showcase a specific type of drink, so please be understanding of whatever they determine.


Are there restrictions?

The Passport Program can not be combined with any other offers (this includes Happy Hour). 

Bar rules apply. if you’ve had too many, forgot your ID, or the bar is at capacity, the establishment can ask you to come back another time.

Depending on the season, there may also be restrictions on certain holidays (New Years, Valentine's Day, etc.), so make sure to check your Passport before heading out!

Season After Season

The Passport Program operates seasonally. While not all our cities have a version of the field guide for every season, the books are typically designed and themed to fit a specific time of year. Think more patio appropriate drinks in summer, and more fireside fits in winter.

What's currently available

We're in the midst of our Winter Edition! Explore them below.