Venue Spotlight: The Weathervane Cafe


Venue: The Weathervane Cafe
Location: 1725 E 17th Ave
Offering: 12oz Lavender Mocha
Interviewed: Alex & Lindsay Dalton

We met up with Alex and Lindsay Dalton to take a closer look into the dreamy Weathervane Cafe, and got to know the husband and wife duo who started it all.

So, how did it start? Touring brought Alex to Denver, where he met Lindsay, who had already made the move from Phoenix. The day after they met, Alex tells us his band broke up, and he gave Lindsay a call.

Fast forward to their wedding day, specifically the speech given by Lindsay’s mother. “We told her she could have one sentence,” explained Lindsay. In her short speech, Lindsay's mom gave her blessing for the newlyweds to open a coffee shop. In 2012, they did just that.

“If we’re going to be here all the time, it should feel like home.”

The decor and vibe of the Weathervane Cafe gets a lot of attention and that’s thanks to the personal style of Alex and Lindsay, or rather their home. When they first opened, the Daltons brought in furniture and decorative pieces from their own home. Alex said, “If we’re going to be here all the time, it should feel like home,” and what better way to make sure it does.

The Coffee Passport is all about “Taking the time to Fika” — what does that mean for you?

(Alex Dalton) Coffee is a tradition and that makes our job a Fika moment. [It's] getting people in a good mood or building connections. Watching people meet, watching them come in together and then they’re not coming in together anymore or they are, but with someone else. If [a customer is] alone, we get to be that other person for them, as the barista in their Fika moment. 

What’s always playing?
Velvet Underground & Chance the Rapper

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