The Perfect Coffee Hack For This Season

Photo by Boca Java - Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company

Photo by Boca Java - Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company


Venue: Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company
Location: 7295 N. Washington St. 
Offering: 2-for-1 on ANY cafe beverage

Denver Friends! We know its been WICKED hot out lately. With the official start of summer solstice this week, we can no longer start the morning with a hot coffee. And so begins the race to finish our iced vanilla almond milk lattes before the ice melts and leaves us with a diluted and sweaty mess. But why must we sacrifice taste for temperature? 

Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company (73rd & Washington - at the Boyer’s Old Schoolhouse Café) has the perfect hack. This summer season opt for Luna's frozen coffee cubes. They'll keep your drink cold and once melted, provide an extra jolt of caffeine - creating a drink that truly keeps on giving!


The Luna Gourmet family of brands, including Boyer’s Old Schoolhouse Café, Luna Roaster Craft Coffee, Boulder Organic Coffee, and Boca Java has been providing fresh, roasted at altitude coffee to Colorado residents for over 50 years! Learn more here.

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