Become A Brand Ambassador!

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Ready to take your love of exploring the city's hippest bars and restaurants to the next level? Join our team as a Passport Program Ambassador!

As a Passport Program Ambassador, you will be able to showcase your craft booze community expertise by:

  • Assisting with Prospecting & Staffing Local Events - These events could range from helping organize and/or host a party to celebrate current Passport holders to selling Passports at a pop-up market.

  • Distribute Complimentary Passports - Word of mouth is huge, so getting Passports to your connected friends, local industry insiders, F&B staff, potential future partners, and beyond is key.

  • Selling Passports To Exploratory Drinkers - We’ll create a custom promo code for you to share for a significant discount off each Passport for those you think would love the Program.

  • Capturing Content - In your travels to our various establishments, you'll be tasked with documenting the journey and snapping along the way for use on our social media channels and beyond!



How will Ambassadors be compensated?

Should you be selected, we'll discuss the full details of the Program with you in more detail, but the compensation will take two main forms:

  • Stipend - gift cards to Passport establishments to allow you to get out and explore on our dime, not yours.

  • Experience - this opportunity will allow you to get a foot in the F&B industry door and learn a thing or two. We can also offer school credit depending on your program

What's the time commitment?

We're looking for about five hours a week of your time brainstorming new ideas, helping at events, and visiting Passport establishments.