CAUSES We'll Drink to!

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Are you or someone you know doing good in the community? We've reserved some Passports to support those who work hard to make the cities we live in better places. Apply to be one of the "Causes We'll Drink To" and get FREE Passports to support hard work put towards good causes.

Some ideas of how to use these Passports:

  • Include Them in a Silent Auction - Raise some $$ to support your cause.

  • Thank Partners And Volunteers - Dish out the field guides to say thanks to key people that help make your organization's magic happen.

  • Give Them Out At Fundraisers - Reward those that support your cause with a free book that unlocks all the best booze in the city.


Can we get Summer Edition Passports instead?

This application is for Winter Passports, however we may elect to continue this program next season and will let you know if we do!

Is this for non-profits only?

Not necessarily, though we're definitely leaning that way!