Title: City Manager


What The Passport Program does better than anyone is we share a hell of a good reason to go out, explore, and have a drink. Using 2-for-1 drinks at the best bars in town, our tangible, well-designed booklet serves as the ultimate field guide for the curious drinker.

With more than 50 Passport editions under our belt, The Passport Program has been moving drinks from coast to coast since 2013. We’ve featured everyone from Houston Hospitality concepts in LA, to bars without websites or phone numbers in Brooklyn. We’ve included your traditional bars and restaurants, gone straight to the source to feature breweries, distilleries, and wineries, and dug up out-of-the-box locations like contemporary art museums, films centers, and coffee shops. Last but not least, the Passport Program has fueled at least two engagements (yes, strangers connected at a bar because because of our Passport and are now scheduled to be wed).


If you love trying new bars and restaurants, seeking out the best cocktails, and finding hidden gems in your city -- call your mom right now. Your dream job awaits!

With the Passport Program, you will create a Passport, from start to finish, in your city. You’ll begin by signing on your favorite bars and restaurants and serve as the point of contact for both email and in-person communications. With guidance from The Passport Program HQ, you’ll work to establish partnerships and relationships in the community as well as coordinate events with all the movers and shakers in town. Lastly, you'll learn and implement sales and marketing strategies to ensure that everyone in town enjoys all the adult beverages you spent time "researching".

This role requires someone who is well-organized, personable, and passionate about the food and beverage in your city! Existing connections in the industry is a plus.


The hours for this position will vary depending on the individual. Our goal for you is 10-15 hours a week, with the understanding that some weeks will require more time than others, while others will require less. In a nutshell: whatever it takes to get the job done!


There are many parts to the City Manager position. We’ll start you off with some training and our Blueprint (a breakdown of weekly tasks and tips) on how to make The Passport Program successful in your city. You’ll have a weekly phone call with HQ that should last around 30 minutes. Your job will be broken in three main categories, but across the board you’ll work with HQ to track information and stick to the Blueprint, and complete tasks in a timely manner. Above all else, be a champion of The Passport Program!

Venue Recruitment and Logistics - 60%

  • Become familiar with local food and beverage blogs, magazines, and other sources of information, and review them frequently

  • Research bars and restaurants (yes, that means go check them out!)

  • Recruit venues that fit The Passport Program’s criteria

  • Deliver materials to venues, including stamps, posters, and more

  • Check in with venues during throughout the Passport season and provide excellent customer service to the venues

Marketing and Sales Support - 30%

  • Recruit retail outlets to sell Passports

  • Sell digital marketing opportunities

  • Work with The Passport Program HQ to execute launch, closing, and other pop-up sales events

  • Help promote The Passport Program at in-person events and through other avenues

  • Facilitate marketing partnerships

Other - 10%

  • Execute ad hoc tasks as necessary

  • Help create sponsorship and community partnership leads

  • Advise us on your city! We’re hiring you because you know your town, so tell us what works locally and what doesn’t.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • You're an excellent communicator. You excel when it comes to both written and verbal communications.

  • You consider yourself an influencer. You have a strong social footprint, and it's not often you walk into a restaurant or bar without knowing someone.

  • You're passionate about the food and beverage industry. You're aware of the latest openings, and your friends rely on you when it comes to eating and drinking recommendations.

  • You're a self-motivated, go-getter! Cold calls? No problem. Deadlines? Bring 'em!

  • Organization is your best friend. You thrive when it comes to keeping projects on pace and documents in order. You've never missed a meeting, and if you did, you gave 24 hours notice with a very valid explanation.

  • You're computer savvy. We don't have to explain the inner workings of Google Drive, email etiquette, how to read a spreadsheet, or how to share a Facebook event.

  • You're 21 years old or older.

Perks of The Gig:

  • You can work from anywhere (in your city), and you set your own hours.

  • You’re paid to have fun (most of the time). Most of this job requires maintaining stellar industry connections, and what’s the best way to do that? Be out and about!

  • Networking! Not only will you have an awesome network in Denver with The Passport Program HQ office, but as the program grows into other markets, you’ll have friends everywhere.


Healthy monthly stipend with sales commission opportunities and other marketing based incentives.


To Apply: Are you the perfect fit for this project?