Summertime, and the Sippin' is Easy - The Best Summer Drinks in St Louis!

Is there any correlation between the temperature rising up, and cold drinks going down smoothly? We’re not scientists, but we’re certain the answer is an overwhelming “yes!”

When it comes to warm weather refreshment, not all drinks are created equal. So how can you ensure you’re maximizing your fun in the sun? Luckily for you, the Passport Program minions have been hard at work pulling off the painstaking process of trying every drink in St Louis to make sure you’re being pointed in the right direction. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Without further adieu, here are our top picks for STL’s best summer drinks:


Basso At The Cheshire

Offering: Italian Hard Sodas


Mission Taco Joint (4 locations)

Offering: Mexicali Bulldog Beer-Tails


Boundary at the Cheshire

Offering: Paloma Nights


Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Restaurant

Offering: Seasonal Cocktails (examples: Pieces Pimms Cup, Aperol Spritz, Tequila Thyme)


Ursa Minor Coffee

Offering: Iced Banana Lattes

Sip Your Summer Away!

Summer won’t last forever, so grab a drinking buddy and get your 2-for-1 Passport drinks today!

Clarke WatsonComment