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Teacher Appreciation GIVEAWAY

~ If you aren’t a teacher, pump the brakes. This campaign is reserved for teachers only! Passports will be on sale to everyone on May 20 with the Program officially kicking off on May 24! ~

The Passport Program wants to thank all the teachers out there who work so hard and sacrifice so much. Since we know the importance of a delicious drink after a long day, we figured why not provide endless drinks after a long school year! The Passport Program is the perfect way to explore your city in the summer months via a field guide packed full of 2- for-1 drinks. The Toast to the Teachers includes a free Passport to the city of your choosing. We will take applicants (teachers only!) from May 7th through May 14th. We’ll do our best to accommodate all those who apply as long as you pass the teacher test! We’ll let all the winners know on May 20th.

We are currently maxed out on scholarships with over 6,000 applicants for the Summer Edition. Applications received after May 15th have been added to our waitlist.

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* A limited number of free Passports are available in each city. Applying does not guarantee a free Passport Summer Edition. Winners pay shipping and handling.