Washington, D.C. Passport

Winter Edition


The Washington, D.C. Passport is a boozy field guide aimed at helping you discover the city’s best bars, restaurants, breweries, distilleries and more! This Winter Edition pocket-sized book features 32 2-for-1 craft beverage specials for a limited time. This field guide is sure to make your winter a little warmer while you navigate DC’s ever-changing food and beverage scene.


  • 32 establishments (15 never-before-featured spots!)
  • 2-for-1 drinks at every location
  • $20 per Passport
  • Access to occasional perks around town
  • Valid all winter (Dec 1-Mar 15)

Meet Our Winter Edition Locations


Enjoy 2-for-1 beverages at each of these establishments. 

The Map

So that you can plan your boozy adventures! Click any pin on the map to see the establishment's drink special!

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Protect Your Passport!

Leather Passport Holder from Winter Session

This beautiful, handcrafted leather holder was made in Denver, CO specially for The Passport Program. During Passport off-season, this holder will also protect your government-issued passport!

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